Three Booming Good Things

1) I'm a bit obsessed with Tig Notaro at the moment. Do you know Tig Notaro? As an avid This American Life listener Tig Notaro has been the one contributor who has made me laugh out loud every time she's been on - and not, like, "Ha! Very clever!" laughter, but the kind that creeps up on you hours later and makes you laugh all over again for seemingly no reason whilst you're waiting for your Piccino to arrive at the business end of the Starbucks counter. I hate that I just referenced Starbucks - damn it I did it again! - but we have one IN the school where I teach. I know. It is impossible to ignore and they now make this little tiny drink (officially Piccino, but surely we will all call it Picachu?) which is not not delicious. But they are corporate fiends and officially I hate them. Anyway TIG: she's amazing. In 2012, she was diagnosed with cancer just after her mum died, which happened just after she was diagnosed with a bacterial inflammation which was literally eating her insides. So she got on stage and did stand up about it - and it was incredible. That set was very much of its time, but everything she does has a dry brilliance to it. Listening to her work recently has been very inspiring. She trusts her audience completely, playing with pacing and pause - knowing that we're with her and drawing more laughter out of us in the suspension between words. I can't recommend her enough. You probably already know loads about her and are sat there in front of your Tig poster, wearing your Tig tshirt, like "Yeah Katie - OLD NEWS".

2) THANK YOU to everyone who came to watch All The Things I Lied About at the Vaults Festival. It was overwhelming how many people were there and how many people came to speak to me afterwards or got in touch. I know how important the subject matter of the piece is and how much it resonates with some people, I'm working hard now to do it justice. Thank you for your feedback, those who took their time to give it, for your laughter which lifted me beyond what I expected and your tears which grounded me in what this piece is for. More news on it soon. 

3) I had a really lovely time at Boomerang Club recently - what a warm and varied night it is - well worth a trek to the wild backwaters of Hammersmith! It is run by the lovely and talented Joel Auterson, Jake Wild-Hall and Tyrone Lewis - they're all heart and soul those lads and their night is too. Here's a film of a poem I performed there called Lanes. It's quite an old piece but it's never been filmed, so it makes me happy to have it in existence now beyond the memories of those that might have caught it in some field or stuffy room somewhere over the years..... 

Have a booming good day now x