Photo by Susanne Salvati

Photo by Susanne Salvati

The Real Deal by Katie Bonna

Off West End Awards’ Most Promising New Playwright of 2018, Katie Bonna, performs a brand new piece of comic story-telling written especially for the Perception Festival 2018.

Anna works for Kapow - or The Alexander McQueen Of Kids' Birthday Party Companies, as her boss insists she call it. She spends her days pandering to the needs of wealthy parents, punctuated by the occasional violent fantasy about her housemates, strangers on the tube and anyone else who looks vaguely content. Anna is not living her best life.

After her recent, life-exploding heartbreak she has hit an all-time low. 

Until she meets Justine. Justine is the real deal.

It’s hard to woo the woman of your dreams whilst impersonating a goblin. But, stuck in a world of make believe, Anna discovers that what she truly wants is something real.  

The Real Deal is a darkly comic piece of story-telling exploring isolation, hope and pretending to be a monster when you’re 37 years old.

Written & performed by Katie Bonna

Directed by Gemma Arrowsmith

22nd November 2018 9pm

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

Tickets are available HERE.