Not As I Do (working title) - a new show by Katie Bonna


I am developing this show with Live Theatre, Newcastle, to appear as part of their 2018 Elevator Festival.

Not As I Do is a show about why women often act in a less Feminist way than they think, inspired by the Greek chorus and the golden age of musical theatre. The play is a three-hander telling the interwoven stories of three generations of women from diverse backgrounds, all unexpectedly confronted by how much they censor their true voice in day-to-day life. 

The text moves from blank verse to prose layering the choral voice onto the individual. Drawing on the history of female representation in popular culture, the show is punctuated by glitter-soaked songs and dance-breaks in the style of 1940s American musical classics (with just a hint of Beyonce) satirically celebrating the Feminist mantras we try our best to live by: You Are Always Allowed To Say No, Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History, You Are Enough and many more!

Not As I Do subverts recognizable theatrical conceits to crack open the social conditioning we recognize, but don’t always see.