Not As I Do (working title) - a new show by Katie Bonna

Directed by Hannah Joss

Not As I Do looks at how women are defined by gender conditioning, inspired by the Greek chorus and the golden age of musical theatre. The play is a three-hander telling the interwoven stories of three generations of women living in Shropshire, told over a weekend where they are all forced to confront how and why they censor themselves. The three actors take turns playing a protagonist whilst the other two create their ever-present inner monologue, born of social conditioning, as well as playing other supporting roles.

Drawing on the history of female representation in popular culture, the show is punctuated by glitter-soaked, mash-up song and dance numbers – a little bit of Monroe with a little bit of Bowie. It’s a funny, fast-paced and powerful attempt to unpick the complexity of 21st Century Feminism and offer some activism in response to it. Not As I Do subverts recognizable theatrical conceits to crack open the social conditioning we recognize, but don’t always see. 

Not As I Do is being developed with the generous support of Live Theatre, Newcastle, and Arts Council England.

Early stages performances will be taking place at Elevator Festival (Newcastle) and Vault Festival (London) in March 2018.